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Documentary about newcomers.



Europe today is the place where people of different cultures and different nations are moving around. They all have their reasons: some are fleeing from the war, some are searching for better job opportunities, some come to study or move to create families. However, people often judge the newcomers through the prism of the stereotypes, myths, and distrust.

Do they feel accepted with all their national and cultural differences? Do they feel like a part of the society they live in now? What do they call a home today? How does it feel to flee your home within your country? How do national minorities feel in Ukraine? We have asked newcomers in Kyiv. 

Every story is a personal view of people from different cultures, religions, and nationalities at the civil society in Ukraine. Through these stories we learn how to accept different cultures nowadays. Will those who are on the way at this moment find their new home one day?

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The financial support was provided by Ukrainian cultural center.

All rights to the video content belong to NGO «Tolerance in you».

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