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The idea of this project was selected from more than 100 ideas during the project pitching «Meet up: Deutsch-Ukrainische Jugendbegegnungen» in Kyiv and Berlin.

What problems do civil societies in Ukraine and Germany have in common?

How is it possible to put these topics into video content?

We brought together young activists from Ukraine and Germany to discuss current challenges and use filmmaking as a tool for the changes in their local communities. 

They have learnt  storytelling, filming, editing from filmmakers:

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Tetiana Kriukovska

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Linda Vierecke

After a study week, participants have created short films in German - Ukrainian tandems.

The financial support was provided by Meet up:Deutsch-Ukrainische Jugendbegegnungen.

Tabea Zorn from Germany and Zoriana Yuzvin from Ukraine

are bringing up the topic of copyrights in their film

What kind of image do we have of ourselves and of our bodies?

Lea Wowra and Dasha Khochina discovered that in Ukraine and Germany young people have a tendency to doubt themselves and be ashamed of their bodies.

The world is drowning in plastic - trash is polluting our nature and environment. 

Nikolai Kontsur & Marcel Schröder are bringing up the waste topic in their short film.

What is the sufficient amount of money for having a normal quality life?

Alina Shevchenko and Josefina Trittel searched for the answer in Ukraine, where the average income is the second lowest in Europe in 2019.

All rights to the video content belong to NGO «Tolerance in you»

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