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International School of Activists unites active youth from Ukraine and EU countries

The purpose of the meetings is:

To increase awareness in the EU countries about the russia's war in Ukraine, to support youth from Ukraine and to implement art projects together.

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The first two schools were held in July and August 2022 in Poland

The school in Voynovice in July gathered active young people from Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, Austria, and Germany. They discussed issues of russian terrorism in the past, present and future threats in the participating countries of the school. Moreover, there were discussions about current values ​​in Europe, human rights and responsibilities during martial law, the supply of weapons to Ukraine, and civil society activity during information warfare.

During the fillmaking workshop, the participants created the film «NEVER AGAIN IS AGAIN» about the lives of young people from Ukraine who are forced to leave their homes due to russian terrorism. The video provides an answer to the common question of people from EU countries «how can I help Ukraine?».

Watch the movie 

The second school was held in the village of Daliowa in August and brought together activists from Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Greece and Turkey.

Young activists studied the history of the Lemkos while meeting with them, held discussions on the topic of public influence on the course of the war, personal responsibility and democracy in the school's participating countries. The reflection of the participants was embodied in creative collages during a master class by a collage artist from Odesa Oleksandra Kulikovska.

with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.
The author of the illustration is @masha_risuet

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