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street art camp

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Bakhmut street art camp aimed to expand a dialog between youth from the different parts of Ukraine, civil society and local government decision-makers to strengthen democracy. Young and active people from different parts of Ukraine met in Bakhmut to learn the history of the town through art.  They met independent journalists, local youth workers, activists of civil society, historians, and artists.

Participants were reflecting on the history of the town and its occupation by russian Federation in 2014 through collage-making. Filming group of Bakhmut street art camp has interviewed people on the streets. Many of them mentioned that there is a lack of cultural events in the town. Bakhmut has a very special heartwarming atmosphere.  Most of the locals are ready to speak with strangers on the streets, are very open and hospitable. At the same time we still see traces of the close war, unemployment and lack of opportunities for youth.

Rave from Ukrainian Slov’yansk band «SHUM» gave participants an opportunity to meet local youth in a non-formal atmosphere in the central part of the town.  An open public art exhibition was held in the Central part of Bakhmut on the weekend. Participants organized it with their own efforts. They created paintings, poems, films, and audio – walks and presented those to the locals. Self-organization helped us to influence the level of culture space in Bakhmut that we aim to create in other cities, towns and villages!

Project implemented within the framework of the project «Dialogue for understanding and justice: strengthening civil society’s contribution to conflict management, democratic and regional development and the preparation of safe reintegration in East of Ukraine».


The project is supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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