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We create educational events

for people from different countries in Europe.

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Example of our work

Who are we?

We are doing non-formal education.
Our international events provide space for learning history and reflect about politics through art.

People from different countries meet together to learn from each other and create a film, write a song, make a rave or a theater play for the changes in the societies they live in.

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Our projects

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International School of Activists unites active youth from Ukraine and EU countries


What does unite the diverse people around Europe? How can they communicate having a language barrier?

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street art camp

Bakhmut street art camp aimed to expand a dialog between youth from the different parts of Ukraine


Documentary about newcomers.

Every story is a personal view of people from different cultures, religions, and nationalities at the civil society in Ukraine.


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News and Opportunities

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LIKHTAR network
for educators

Bakhmut street art camp aimed to expand a dialog between youth from the different parts of Ukraine

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Development of
non-formal education
in Ukraine

The project is supported by the German Ministry 

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TRIYOU Forum - brings together educators who create and plan to create trilateral youth meetings.

Feedback from our participants

Our Partners

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